About Us

We work with businesses, graduates and Universities in South West England to offer quick, simple and effective graduate recruitment.

We help:

  • Businesses and other organisations to recruit talented students and graduates; and
  • Students and graduates to find great graduate jobs.

We’re different to other jobs sites.  Here’s what sets us apart:

  • We’re the only online graduate recruitment service dedicated to South West England
  • Over 70,000 talented students and graduates are registered with us to look for work
  • More than 6,000 businesses trust us with their graduate recruitment
  • We work directly with a partnership of University careers services
  • We think students and graduates have a lot to offer and should get a fair deal in the jobs market
  • We value small businesses and look out for funding that we can pass on to them
  • We know what Universities can offer businesses and can refer on when appropriate
  • We offer a premium service at discount rates

We’re a small team and we’re passionate about what we do and passionate about how we do it. We pride ourselves on offering an online service with a personal touch.

We hope you like what we do and always welcome feedback.

The Gradsouthwest team


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