What do graduate recruiters want from Gradsouthwest.com?

Preview of new gradsouthwest.com

With the launch of the new and improved gradsouthwest.com service due in September 2015 we have started this blog to inspire, educate and inform our customers about graduate recruitment.  Sometimes the Gradsouthwest team will write, and sometimes we will have guest authors.

Before we planned our new site, we asked our customers what they really wanted from us, so here is what you told us you want:
1.       excellent customer care / support: you’ve traditionally told us we provide excellent care, and we’ll aim to do even better
2.       a service that is easy to use: we believe the new web platform is even easier to use, and we will continue to improve it for you
3.       high quality graduates: we are developing our graduate numbers and hope to have even more excellent candidates for you in the future
4.       a tailored approach – CV searching, job adverts with logos and targeted emails:  all of these will be available to you when you advertise on the new gradsouthwest.com website
5.       job advert advice and guidance: we are going to develop this area of our service for you over the coming months, starting with this blog and improved recruitment resources on-line. Let us know if there is something you’d like us to do

Gradsouthwest prides itself on linking graduates and businesses in the South West; knowing that graduates bring new ideas and generate business growth. Tap into new talent now!

Watch out for the new site. The image with this post gives a preview of how it is shaping up!

Our next post: 5 reasons a graduate will help your business.

Deborah Watson, Director, Gradsouthwest Ltd.


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