ICYMI: Our top tips for students to make sure you make the most out of attending University Careers Fairs

The round of autumn 2017 careers fairs for Gradsouthwest kick off next week at the University of Exeter and the University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol, so we thought it timely to re-issue our blog post from earlier this year: “Our top tips for students to make sure you make the most out of attending University Careers Fairs“.



Careers Fair Top Tips for Students

We recently attended the University of Bath’s Careers Fair and it was fantastic event, with lots of different businesses and opportunities for students. Having a load of recruiters together under one roof can make things a lot easier for job-hunting grads, it’s like Gradsouthwest come to life in the real world. Great opportunities and a good chance to get some exposure to different companies, to put yourself out there and make yourself known, after chatting to the recruiters at the fair we’ve put together our top tips to make sure you make the most out of your day.

To find out what our top tips are, go to Our Careers Fair Top Tips for Students and make the most of your day!


Nick Crawley


Snow, sun and international sponsorship at the University of Bath


With the appearance of snow and sunshine, our day at the University of Bath’s Recruitment Fair on Tuesday 26th April was a similar mix. Although some final year students were busy completing their dissertation, those that attended the fair were well prepared for seeking employment.

Students from all disciplines came to visit us on the day, including many Masters students due to finish in September. It was also fantastic to meet some of the companies advertising graduate jobs with Gradsouthwest including Hilti, AECOM, SelectScience and Antech as well as companies we have helped in the past including Dyson, PWC and Sparx.

One frequent question from international students was whether our clients provide sponsorship. With many international students due to graduate in the next few months, they would like to use their knowledge and skills in the local area but were concerned over the ability to get sponsorship and this is an issue affecting many international students.
Gradsouthwest advised those students from the University of Bath that the ability for a company to sponsor will vary. Many of the larger graduate recruiters will have the time and resource to provide sponsorship whereas many smaller companies will not have the resource and expertise. We would advise international students to search the graduate jobs available and on finding a job of interest, to check the job description. If there is no information about sponsorship, then visit the recruiter’s website. Many corporate companies that run annual graduate programmes will have this information available on their careers website. Where information about sponsorship is not available then we would advise contacting the graduate recruiter directly.
We would encourage graduate recruiters to make sponsorship information apparent in their job adverts.
If you want to find out more about sponsorship for international students visit: https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/sponsorship-information-for-employers-and-educators
Fiona Boyd, Gradsouthwest